“Hello, World.” Meet iDenedi


That team app, we’ve all been waiting for.

Leaders become great not because of their power but,

of their ability to empower others.

John Maxwell, world-renowned author of many books focusing on elevating leadership, taps on empowerment being at the heart of great leaders, beyond the other more obvious factors required to ensure effectiveness.

To that, we add reciprocity. Yes, a leader can impact the masses, with one announcement. But should be equally willing to hear out the masses.

With this notion, we bring you iDenedi app.

It’s here – the future of smart team collaboration. This news comes as no surprise, given that iDenedi app has been a product of Exceeders for the past few years. We kept it all to ourselves. Testing the value it adds to employee retention rates by encouraging participation and transparency as an integral part of a company’s culture.

The time is now though, to share our success with others. We offer this smart communication solution, free for the world so they too can experience an incredible productivity boost in the workplace by simply claiming their private digital space, in iDenedi app.

Create a Group – give your team their voice

We recommend it to anyone trying to activate team collaboration. Packed with all the powerful features you’ll need to reach the elevated heights of your people relations, enjoy an easy setup and onboarding of your company members. Send messages that allow everyone to engage.

Invite Members – set the path to growth

On start, each member will have the opportunity to claim their own digital identity card, personalized to their preferences. Once, they join their team’s group, they will gain access to all the info & details of the other members, at any time.

Digital ID Cards – share to scale

We also made card sharing flexible, by the simple selection of your contact details to share your card with anyone in the world. Network scaling is a key to success.

Mass Messages – make that impact

The second you hit the “send” button, your announcement will be notified to each group member. Watch them interact & collaborate. Remember, the power is to empower.

Learn together – grow together

“Add-on” your company’s learning resource library and give your team direct access to rich media that will lead them to growth.

Smart Connections – stronger together

Explore our unique feature – smart contracts. In less than a few minutes, you can build & sign digital contracts with anyone, straight from the app. Bind your agreements. Shake hands.

Is it fair to say, the struggle is over? Save on communication tools and get started with genuine day-to-day conversations in your company’s private digital space, free-of-charge. You’ll be hauled for this one!

iDenedi app is here to disrupt old ways of connecting with each other. And because old habits die hard, we made sure your team’s transition to iDenedi app would be simple and quick.

Lead the way for others – download the app, first.

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