Telecom Exponential Growth – Increase Your Market Reach With iDenedi App

Today most of the Telecom companies are investing millions to find a way to reach more people and create awareness for their new packages and offers. Hence to gain a bigger market share. Unfortunately, the high investment will increase the costs with no guarantee on the results.

For telecom companies is hard to define a single target market that could be aimed at when developing and implementing a marketing campaign. The potential customers are almost everyone within the county, and reaching them might turn to be a big challenge. Focusing the effort on reaching people via traditional events and marketing events could be expensive.

Telecom companies can also rely on digital marketing, but they should be ready to face numerous problems. By using digital marketing companies can reach a small number of the target audience. Hence the return on investment might not be the desired one.

Finding the right solution

By using iDenedi app telecom companies can easily turn their customers into partners and increase their market reach exponentially within a short period of time.  

Just in five steps, you will be able to achieve that. Here is how:

1. Create your iDenedi App account
2. Create an iDenedi group and let your loyal customers follow you
3. Post your public announcement
4. Members who share will earn a reward –  iDenedi social currency
5. Convert this social currency to benefits, such as more call minutes

It is great for you and for your customers. You just need to invite your customers to join your group, then the four components of success are there:

  1. Trigger using the app
  2. Easy action as it’s just one click to share
  3. Award as the member will get more social currency
  4. Investment to stay with you as this will make them VIP customers

Stop spending your valuable resources on marketing strategies that will not bring you the results you are looking for.

Start using iDenedi.

✓ Registration for our app is based on the mobile number and not email address, hence it will make it easy for you to integrate it with your system to identify the customer.
✓ Do you know that setting a group with the iDenedi app is free
✓ You don`t need to spend months you can build the solution is a matter of minutes
✓ A smart contract can be used to communicate the benefits conversation rules

Do you want to learn more about how iDenedi could help your telecom company? Contact us today.

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