The Power of the Team – Grow your Social Media Engagement with iDenedi

Want to get more visibility for your company? But you know how it is… You don’t have the social media follower counts to get more social media engagement. And anyway, most of them are irrelevant contacts.

There’s a simple strategy you can use right away to improve engagement and get more leads. Let’s find out what it is.

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What most companies do (and why it doesn’t work)

80% of social marketers say their key strategy is to increase engagement.

And yet, here’s what most companies do:
They hire someone to post on their social media in an attempt to create more followers and connections to spread the message, create a digital presence, and maybe generate marketing leads. However, what happens? Most of these companies won’t move the needle and the reason is simple.

They don’t have a following. No one sees, reads, or engages with their posts.

The money they spend on their social media management strategy? It goes down the drain.

But there’s a simple strategy you can use to get those leads. Here’s how.

The power of the team

What if I tell you there is an easier and guaranteed way to create your digital presence in a short time by just using the power of your team?

If yes then continue reading…

People started using social media way before businesses.

And if you look at your team members’ profiles, you’ll see that they have hundreds of connections and followers on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It makes sense, right? Your team, just like you, have social circles.. And those social circles trust and are happy to share their content.

Now imagine:

What if your team would share your message with their connections?

What would the impact be?

Let’s do some simple math.

A company has 500 employees and each employee has 400 connections.

If your team shares your message with those connections, you could reach 200,000 connections immediately.

And guess what?

When your team (that is, people) shares your message, the impact is totally different than when your company shares it.


Because it’s coming from someone trusted. It doesn’t feel like a marketing message for a company.

And so people will like, share, and act on your team members’ posts about your company.

How to encourage the team to share your message

But how do you get your team to share your message so you get more social media engagement?

For your team to share your post or message you need to:

  • Make the post available for them
  • Give them an easy way to share
  • Reward them for sharing
  • Let their continuous share look like an investment

Meet iDenedi – Social Currency

iDenedi is a private secure communication that will connect your team.

With iDenedi, you can connect your entire team in one place to share your social posts with them.

When team members share your posts with their connections, we calculate how many connections they share them too. We then convert that teamwork into a social currency that can be used internally to reward those shares or in other ways celebrate that your company is meeting its social media engagement goals.

Using iDenedi is your fastest way to spread your message in the digital world.

Are you ready to get more social media engagement?

There you have it. That’s how you get more social media engagement.

And not any social media engagement, but engagement that converts to leads.

Are you excited to see your business grow with social media?

Share your thoughts below.

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