Protect Your Privacy with iDenedi App

As it becomes increasingly difficult to reign in our personal information, privacy is becoming more and more vital. The simplest apps now ask us to input our contact numbers and emails, where strangers can access them – exposing us to everything from inconvenient telemarketing to impersonation.

The more savvy of us try to protect our privacy, but we continuously find ourselves exposing our contacts to many different parties on a daily basis when we register for any service.

Registration is completed via mobile number or email address, and in some cases, using third party authentication through Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. where they will not only access basic contact info, but other information as well.

Even when physically visiting locations such as schools, hospitals, shops, etc. we are requested to give our mobile numbers and email addresses, exposing your information to everyone within hearing distance.

How to Solve the Privacy Issue with iDenedi

When you register using iDenedi, you get an ID. This ID is a virtual public number that can be used for all of your registrations.

It’s incredibly easy – download the app, register, obtain your iD and begin using this iD for registration.

When you register with iDenedi, you get an iD. This iD is a virtual public number that you can use for all you registration. We’ve made iDs easy to remember, using the below format:

  • The first letter is I as individual
  • The second two letter for country code
  • The last 8 numbers are for date

iDenedi for Kids

You can create an iDenedi for your kids. You just go to your own profile and create a child account.

Bonus: Kids iD

Can I create an iD for my kids.
You just need to go to your profile and create child account to generate the iD.

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