How to make your GITEX 2019 exhibition more effective? 

Companies invest tens of thousands of dollars (or dirhams) into major industry events every year. Everyone is made to attend – down to every salesperson, marketing manager and coordinator, department managers, and any team member who can be made available.

Along with the cost of attending the event and setting up the booth, organizations end up investing thousands into printing business cards because what is the point of attending industry events if your team does not network and trade contact details with potential customers and partners?

But what happens as soon as the event ends? What happens to all the business cards that the team collected, as well as the business cards they gave away?

Nine times out of ten, those business cards end up in someone’s desk drawer – never to see the light of day. Months or years later, when they are rediscovered, they often contain outdated information – names and details of people who no longer hold the same positions, or are even in the same companies.

Just like other companies – we faced this issue. Every year, around GITEX, our marketing team would begin taking orders for business cards. They would contact us one by one, ensuring our contact details had not changed, and we held the same job titles, etc.

Until four years ago, we viewed this as a ‘necessary evil’.
Then came iDenedi.

iDenedi is a contact management and communication regulation app designed for businesses. Instead of handing out dozens of business cards which – let’s face it – do nothing for the environment or the company’s event budget, our employees could set up their own digital business cards for distribution with the tap of a screen.

The advantages of using iDenedi over traditional business cards include:

1. Saving your own money – no more printing business cards that get thrown away the minute they reach the office;
2. Saving the other person’s money – you no longer need to collect the other person’s business card – you simply scan it with iDenedi on the spot, and then shoot them your details;
3. Guaranteeing the other person has your details in their inbox – that’s where your digital business card will go once you send it out;
4. Updated contact details – you can be sure your details are up to date when all it takes to update them is a few taps and swipes;
5. No more losing the other person’s details – anyone you send your card to will be saved in iDenedi so you can view their details later;

With iDenedi, your organization can also create groups where interested partners or customers can join to learn about team members and follow your latest announcements

How can you use iDenedi at GITEX?

Simple. Download the app from the Play Store or Apple Store, set up your account, add your contact details, and you are all set!

Check out the video below for details.

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