How To Turn Your Employees To Be Your Marketers And Grow Your Business

In this day and age of digital marketing, the average person is exposed to over 4000 ads a day. Yes – you read it correctly: 4000. This number includes everything from billboards, to brochures, to online marketing that comes at you through website pop-ups, commercials, games, apps, social media, and, of course, search engines like Google.

That overwhelming number of advertisements has lead to something called ‘ad blindness’ or ‘banner blindness’, where users are able to comfortably ignore advertisements by mentally blocking out items such as website banners, pop-ups, and the first few paid search results.

Furthermore, in spite of companies spending billions of advertising dollars, and marketing companies trying to get more and more creative, recipients on the other end of this expensive effort brush off ads as untrustworthy and suspicious.

So how can organizations get their own voice heard in this digital media frenzy? How can they cut through all of the digital noise out there and be seen? The answer is quite simple – through your best asset – your employees.

Employees make the best marketers.

It may seem like an obvious solution – employees reposting content from their companies – but sometimes the most obvious solutions are actually the best ones. Your employees, at the end of the day, are people who have connections to a very real audience. Between platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, the average employee has well over 1000 different connections. Not only that – but these are quality connections – people who live in the same region, work in the same industry, and share a lot of the same interests. Employees also have the best reach to your customers, and your potential customers, who often make up part of their inner circle of connections.

Imagine this scenario: you post an article or image about your organization, outlining what makes you different from similar businesses out there. If you are a company with just 20 employees, and only 10 of these employees share your post to their various social media accounts, you’ve reached well over 10,000 people free of charge. Imagine if that number was multiplied by 100 or 200…

Employees sharing your content does not only expand your reach, but it speaks volumes about the type of organization you are running. It is an organization that employees are proud of because sharing is a form of bragging, it says “Look at everything we are doing”.

Sharing has to be easy.

Sharing content needs to be simple and, to a certain degree, measurable. That is where iDenedi comes in. iDenedi allows announcers to create public announcements that can be shared with the tap of a social media icon. Users can immediately repost public announcements to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook- making sharing incredibly intuitive and easy.

Not only that, but iDenedi gives group members a ‘social score’ which is a measure of how much they share and interact with posts. This social score can be used to incentivize sharing and interaction. At Exceeders, we are going to use the social score to trade in for certain employee benefits- attendance flexibility, days off, etc. It is the company’s way of saying “Thank you for sharing our content”.

Do you want to grow your business? Get the iDenedi today.

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