iDenedi For University Graduates | Use Case for Hiring

iDenedi is an application with many uses. Designed to regulate communication within organizations and groups, iDenedi can be used across several industries and sectors. In this use case, we will be recommending iDenedi for helping universities and colleges get job opportunities for their alumni.

Posting Jobs

Not only is iDenedi a great tool for communication, but in the case mentioned above, iDenedi would be a great tool for connecting candidates looking for work with the companies that are hiring.

In the case of universities, career officers could create a group on iDenedi to connect all of the alumni, and then invite companies interested in recruiting graduates into that group where they could post about job openings they have and users could see and apply.

How does it differ from standard tools that universities use?
Most universities depend on one or two ways to get the word out to alumni about job opportunities. They either send the news in a letter or post the opportunities on a portal. With iDenedi they can post the job opportunity inside of the app as an announcement and potential candidates can view it and apply.


The advantage of using iDenedi over emails or a portal is:

  • Companies could post the job themselves instead of going through a university admin;
  • Alumni would receive the job posting on their mobile phones at any time, instead of having to look out for it in their emails or on a portal,
  • Alumni could be put into subgroups in accordance with their degrees and then announcements could be tailored to specific sub-groups.

Steps to Use iDenedi for Hiring
Using iDenedi for hiring is easy.
1. Create a group on iDenedi.
2. In the group settings, set the group type to ‘incognito’. That way, only admins would be able to access group member details and group members would not have to see each other.
3. Invite alumni and companies to join the group.
4. Begin posting job announcements linking the site, or email, to which alumni can apply if interested!

Want to get started? Get iDenedi here.

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