How We Saved Tens of Thousands of Dollars on Annual Business Card Costs?

Of all the costs that entrepreneurs and startups take into consideration when budgeting for a company, one of the most overlooked is business cards. While the average cost of an individual card is not worth mentioning, a pack of 100 cards can cost anywhere between USD 10 to USD 400 depending on the quality, design, etc. 

Even in this day and age of mobile phones, emails, and apps that can do anything, over 27,000,000 business cards are printed daily worldwide. Daily. That comes to about 10 billion business cards printed a year. 88% of these billions of business cards distributed will be thrown out by the receiver in less than seven days. 

Can you even begin to imagine the amount of waste we are producing? Or the carbon footprint even a small company leaves behind? Not to mention the fact that even if you do manage to give a business card away, there’s very little chance that the customer will have it when they actually need it. 

Business cards actually date back to the 17th century in Europe. European aristocracy used these little cards which, at the time, were known as ‘visit cards’ to announce their arrival before they got there. 

But are they really necessary now that we have mobile phones and digital calendars? How many of us have desk drawers which act as a repository for business cards that are never retrieved again after being dropped inside? Or little piles of them on tables? 

At Exceeders, and after doing some research, we decided that traditional business cards needed to go. Our digital solution for this was, obviously, iDenedi.

Within one week, we began phasing out traditional business cards by halting any pending orders for additional cards and rejecting any new orders that came in. We also started educating iDenedi users in the organization on how they could create their own business cards within the app. 

The great thing about using iDenedi for business cards is: 

  • You can customize the cards to have the details you want, even if it means different details for different people. That gives you the flexibility to remove your mobile number, for example. 
  • iDenedi not just lets you send your business card, but it keeps track of who you sent it to. 
  • Recipients of your card can instantly save the details on their phone or laptop. 
  • iDenedi is integrated with various calendars so that if you have a meeting, you can immediately send your card to their email. 

And the best thing about iDenedi for business cards? We saved tens of thousands of USD on annual business card costs.

Want to get started? Get iDenedi here.

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