How Teejan Construction uses iDenedi App

1. What is your company doing?
Teejan is a large-scale construction company. We do the design and construction of towers, residential areas, etc.

2. How did you find out about the iDenedi app?
Our IT partner Exceeders initially told us about the app. We expressed the need to find a way to make announcements to the whole Teejan team. Teejan has three different branches across two countries, and dozens of project sites- team members work in remote locations and on projects.

3. What were the reasons for using the iDenedi app?
As described above, we wanted to connect with all team members in a way that was efficient and where we could check to see who saw the notification.

4. How do you use the iDenedi app?
We use iDenedi to make in-company announcements as well as public announcements that employees and customers can share on social media platforms.

In company announcements usually, revolve around information that is sent by HR or management, and was traditionally sent by email (which most employees fail to read).

5. Which features do you use the most and find the most valuable?
The announcement feature is an excellent one and is the feature that encouraged us to adopt iDenedi in the organization, however, there are many great features. Another feature we like is the ‘social currency’ feature where employees are given social points according to the number of interactions they have with any given announcement- this encourages employees not just to read, but to interact.

6. How has using iDenedi affected your work?
It has made communication much more efficient and interesting. Employees are pleased that they no longer get long emails from HR or management in their inbox and they can focus more on project and customer emails and communications.

7. How did iDenedi improve team communication?
We have a higher read rate for company announcements. This is very important as many of the items we announce revolve around policy changes to health and safety measures. Before we would send emails and there was no way to track who was reading them and who did not get them. Now, we can see exactly who is reading and interacting with announcements.

8. Have you used iDenedi social currency?
At the moment, we use it to encourage employees to share and like announcements. We are working with Exceeders to put a policy in place to reward employees for social currency.

9. Would you recommend iDenedi and why?
We definitely recommend iDenedi. Ever since adopting it last year, we can’t imagine going back to email communication. iDenedi makes communicating information faster and easier.


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